Saturday, January 23, 2010


Thursday, October 29, 2009

Well, it's been awhile since I've written. Sorry, it completely slipped my mind to be keeping everyone updated thru my blog. I have been doing weekly updates for the FUSE on the FUSE blog ( thus I forgot entirely about my other blog I'm supposed to be updating....but, that will be remedied now....

Here's a brief update on what has been happening here -

We have a pretty much set weekly schedule that keeps us pretty busy. This includes 3-4 Japanese classes, 3 street performances, 3 university visits, daily prayer meetings, band practice (and I have an additional bass lesson earlier each week), and many other preparations for the FUSE each week.

The name of the FUSE has been changed to "FUSE Jesus Community" to make it more obvious what the FUSE is.

As our bassist Becky has left to go back to the States, I took over with playing bass for the FUSE Band.

We have a group of Japanese we now consider "regulars" at FUSE Jesus Community, mainly 2 guys named Masamune and Kenji who are great friends of ours now, though there are others we see on a fairly frequent basis as well.

We have seen yet another salvation from the FUSE. A lady named Hiromi who has a lifegroup with our worship leader Yuiko recently gave her life to God. We are excited to see how that will affect her good friend Kouri who is also coming to FUSE Jesus Community and in Lifegroup.

There are quite a few Japanese youth who come to the FUSE who seem so close to receiving the Gospel.....we continue to pray for them.

Well, there is much more going on here in Japan, that I will not write about now. It is great to see God continue to work thru me and the rest of the team on the hearts of the Japanese people. I am so excited to see the amazing things God does next!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sorry I've been so busy lately...

Brief update -
We now have had one salvation at the FUSE! So exciting. A little seven-yr-old girl who has been coming. She's so excited about God.

Also, our first Lifegroup ever started this Friday. Misato is the Japanese girl in it, so you can pray for her. Hannah leads the Lifegroup, I'm kinda assistant/supporter, or basicly I'm just there, and Yuiko is the translator.

Keep praying for God to work in the hearts of the Japanese we are reaching out to.