Thursday, July 2, 2009

The FUSE begins

Sorry I haven't been able to write in awhile to keep you guys updated. I don't have much time now, but thought I'd give a brief update at least.

The FUSE began Sunday and it was awesome. There was a total of 34 people there, including the band and missionaries, which makes for about 20 visitors. Mark spoke on Life from John 10:10, and afterwards we went to lunch with many of them. It was a really good time of getting to know everybody. That night, 2 of the girls whose names are Misato and Chihiro, came to the Noborito church too. Then on Tuesday we went to karaoke with 4 of the people who came to the church. So we've really had great oppurtunities to meet up with each of them. 5 of the people said they were interested in joining Life Groups (also known as cell groups or small groups) so hopefully we'll get that started soon.

Saturday is our next FUSE meeting, and there are special guests coming name Genuine Grace. They are a Christian techno group. It should be awesome!

So that's a brief update on what's been going on. Hopefully I'll get up more pics soon.