Saturday, May 30, 2009

First Day in Japan

Me and Hannah arrived in Japan safely (though she was having allergy problems and I was plane-sick) and met up with Mark (who is the head of this youth-church plant) and two other missionary short-termers, Becky and Brad. From there we drove through Tokyo for 2 hours to the church. Talk about culture shock! But it was awesome. Pics will be up later for that.

We ate supper at the Noborito church with Tim and Christine, Mark and Yuiko and their baby Hana, plus some other short-termers. Now we are settled into our cozy, but not too tiny apartment ready for bed. Had an interesting time figuring out the electrical devices with Japanese letters on them (ex: microwave, sink, shower, etc.) but it was an adventure.

Tomorrow, we will sleep in (Yay!) and then go to lunch with Mark and Yuiko and shop for some necessities. Our neighbor, Ron, may show us around the neighborhood tomorrow. Then at 5pm is the bilingual church service at Noborito, which should be awesome.

That's about it for now. Just settling in.

-- Get settled in quickly
-- Jet-lag doesn't last too long
-- God will continue to work hunger into the hearts of the Japanese youth

-- All 4 of us made it safely to Japan
-- Already God is working in the lives of Japanese young people, making them hungry for Him